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Crystals and their Healing Properties

AGATE - Balances the emotions and calms the body, mind and feelings. Stabilizes the aura and improves natural vitality and energy and to increase the self-confidence of the person using it. It is of special benefit to athletes and to those taking any kind of examination or test. Gives instant bursts of energy whether mental or physical. Agate is a powerful; grounding stone that balances Yin/Yang energy as well as bringing Harmony, Courage, Protection, Good Fortune and Healing.
Good for healing the Skin disorders, Eyes, Stomach, Uterus, Relieving Stress, Tooth and Gum Problems, Insomnia, Blood Sugar, Exhaustion, Neck and Back Problems, Anorexia and other eating disorders, Nervous System, Digestion, Heart and Lung Problems and cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas.

AMAZONITE - Amazonite enhances intuition, psychic powers, creativity and intellect along with calming and strengthening the nervous system. It builds self-esteem and regulates metabolic disturbances. A soothing, calming mineral that dispels fears and worries allowing us to communicate from the heart
Use Amazonite healing for conditions such as: Cramps, Aiding Childbirth, Grief, Strengthening bones, teeth and easing the effect of Osteoporosis.

AMETHYST - Amethyst is a Calming, cleansing, transformational crystal that promotes spiritual awareness, intuition and contentment. It is excellent for meditation; it aids sleep and absorbs negativity as well as combating atmospheric pollution. Amethyst is essential to use with all Magical workings.
Use Amethyst Healing for conditions such as: Combating Addictions with alcohol, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Irritability, Stress, Gout, Eyesight, Ear Problems, Burns and scalds, Stage fright, blood disease, blood poisoning, liver problems, cancer and infection

APACHE TEAR - Apache Tear are said to especially relieve grief and sadness as well as assisting in giving and accepting forgiveness. They can help release negative emotions, and they also can balance one's emotional state. They are good luck stones, said to bring good luck to anyone who has one. They are excellent Meditation Tools especially for clarifying issues and gaining insight. Apache Tears are a gently grounding stone. In the physical realm, Apache Tears are repute to alleviate muscle spasms and eliminate toxins from the body

AQUAMARINE - Aquamarine aids mental clarity and self-expression. It is the "stone of courage" and can ease fears and phobias. It is calming, stress reducing and enhances creativity as well as protecting against pollutants.
Use Aquamarine Healing with conditions such as; Bronchitis, Coughs, Headaches, Migraines, Eyesight, Swelling, Mumps, Miscarriage, Glands, Liver and even Stage Fright

ARAGONITE - Aragonite is the crystal of powerful earth healing and connects you to the Goddess energy. It is strengthening, grounding, stabilizing and centring of physical energies It helps to dispel anger and is also the crystal of rejuvenation helping to combat the signs of age and wrinkles.
Aragonite for conditions such as Spine, Bones, Teeth, Fractures, Calcium absorption, stress, Rejuvenation, Hair loss, Colds and Flu

ATLANTISITE - Atlantisite is the mineral of Atlantis and stone of the Ancients. A Comforting mineral that boosts self-esteem whilst protecting from Negative Energy. It is a wonderful meditation mineral allowing you to access ancient Wisdom, Information and Past Life Memories. Atlantisite can also help in raising the kundalini.
Atlantisite is a healing mineral for the heart and lungs and regeneration of the skin.
Use Atlantisite healing for conditions such as Emotional imbalance, Diabetes, Hypoglycaemia, Hernias, Cramps, Painful Menstruation, Kidney and Stomach problems

AVENTURINE - Aventurine is a positive stone and the stone of opportunity. It is said to help improve perception, creativity and leadership abilities. Use to dispel negative energies and to restore balance. It is also known as the gamblers stone, a talisman for good luck.
Use Aventurine healing for conditions such as: Problems with the thymus gland and nervous system, strengthen intuition, relieve anxiety and stress, disorders of the lungs and heart, increase muscle flexibility and Improving eyesight

AZURITE - Azurite is called the "stone of heaven" and aids the development of psychic awareness, skills and abilities.  It enhances intuition and is perfect to use within meditations promoting Intuition, Creativity and Understanding. Azurite is a relaxing and stress easing crystal that dissolves fear and increases communication abilities and Stamina.
Use Azurite healing for: Cancer prevention, Liver problems, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Depression, Sinuses, Skin Problems, Anxiety, Reducing Anger, Bone Problems, Circulation, Clears Toxins, Cramps and Muscle spasms, Anorexia, Strengthening Immune System and Insomnia

BLOODSTONE - Bloodstone is an intense healing stone and perfect for revitalizing relationships and friendships.
Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and removes toxins and is also a calming mineral that aids creativity and spirituality Bloodstone is also reputed to bring wealth.An all purpose healer and cleanser that was used by the ancient Egyptians to reduce the size of growths and tumours.
Use bloodstone healing to help with: Anaemia, Blood circulation, Stomach, Bowel, Kidneys, Spleen, Blood Pressure, Cramps, Depression and Stress

BLUE LACE AGATE - Blue Lace Agate is the mineral of tranquility bringing gentle calming energy to deal with stress, anger and panic. It is a protective mineral that aids spirit communications and meditation, heightening intuition and feelings of inner peace.
Use Blue Lace Agate healing to help with problems with digestion, arthritis, rheumatism, headaches and problems connected to the throat, thyroid and skin problems

CALCITE - Calcite is a grounding and protective mineral and is considered the crystal of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It is helpful for astral travel, increasing intuition, spiritual channeling and to increase energy levels. Calcite is also considered the crystal of prosperity and promotes creativity and inner peace. It is helpful within relationships to help maintain balance and harmony.
Use Calcite healing for Reducing Stress, Skin Conditions, Strengthening the Immune system, Tissue Healing, Emotional and Psychological conditions, Strengthening bones and teeth and increasing energy

CARNELIAN - Focusing; motivational; stimulating; dispels apathy; increases physical energy and personal power; engenders compassion; encourages present moment awareness.
Use Carnelian Healing with conditions such as: Allergies, Menopause, Menstrual cramps, Circulation problems, Gall bladder, Epilepsy, Immune system, Miscarriage, Nose bleeds, Tension, Rheumatism, Blood disorders and poisoning, Fever, Pancreas,  Infection and Neuralgia

CATS EYE - Cats Eye is a stone of good fortune and good luck. It is said to bring serenity and happiness, along with optimism and generosity. It is used in emotional crystal healing to bring forgiveness, balanced emotions, and self-esteem. Cat's eye can enhance creativity and kindness. It is also a stone of protection. Physically, cat's eye is used in crystal healing for kidneys, pancreas, liver, lymph nodes, spleen, and leukaemia issues.

CHRYSOPRASE - Chrysoprase brings peace to the heart and balances the emotion and physical body. It relieves stress, heals a broken heart soothing away anger, fear and hurt. Chrysoprase is reputed to enhance ones artistic and creative abilities and increase fertility.
Use Chrysoprase healing for : - Increasing Fertility, Insomnia, Stress, Anger, Resentment, Jealousy, Anxiety, Creativity, Healing wounds and building Self-Confidence

CITRINE - Positively influences family, business and friendships. It encourages openness, optimism and dispels fears. Citrine promotes physical endurance and mental clarity, cleansing, emotional maturity and can bring about success.
Use Citrine healing for conditions such as; Digestion and Stomach Problems, Nightmares, throat problems, Thyroid imbalances, Pancreatic and Kidney Conditions, Liver, Trauma, Depression, Gall bladder, Diabetes and Mood swings

CLEAR QUARTZ - The most versatile of all Crystal & Gemstone
it is the symbol of balance and purity it aids meditation and amplifies effects of other Crystal & Gemstone
. It is also a calming crystal that dissipates tension and aids memory.
Use Clear quartz healing for conditions such as; Heartburn, Fibromyalgia, Haemorrhage, Fever, Aches and pains, Headache, Animal illness', Scar tissue, Diarrhoea, digestion, dizziness, fractures, infection and Vertigo

CORAL - Coral is the mineral of Good Fortune and is excellent to use in Meditation and Magic work as it rids the surroundings of negative vibrations. Helpful towards Fears associated with Thunderstorms. Use Coral healing for conditions such as; Epilepsy, respiratory system, Mental weakness, Coughs, Headaches, Bone fractures and Bone surgery, Arthritis, Teething, Diseases of the Liver, and to increase Fertility

DESERT ROSE - Desert Rose is an attractive variety of the mineral Gypsum that grows in the spaces between rocks trapping the surrounding loose sand to form a Rose
Desert Rose is a gently grounding crystal used to clarify thinking, enhance mental vision and perception. Perfect for meditation as it stills the mind allowing access to past/future lives. An excellent mineral for business and material related issues bringing positive changes and Stability along with strengthening decisions made and building strong character. Use Desert Rose healing to help with: Quietening the mind, Strengthening Character, Aligning Spinal Column, Remove Energy Blockages, Stabilizing Epileptic Disorders


EMERALD - Emerald is the stone of prosperity and riches that encourages spiritual growth, faith, psychic insight and intuition. Emerald is a crystal of the heart and is connected to the Goddess Venus. It brings Friendship, unity and romance calming the mind and emotions and instilling domestic happiness. It is an excellent general healer and is reputed to help with ailments connected to: Eyesight, Liver, Immune System, Breathing, Heart, Lymph Nodes, Blood, Balance Blood Sugar, Depression, Insomnia, Epilepsy and Gall Bladder

FIRE AGATE- Fire Agate is a grounding crystal, protective and calming and is said to instill courage and reduce feelings of insecurity and fear.
Use Fire Agate healing to aid stomach, circulation, low energy, reduce cravings, depression, to help combat addictions and to increase creativity and protection

FLUORITE- Fluorite aids meditation; aids psychic awareness and brings spiritual peace and wholeness. It is the gemstone of focus and concentration and is also know as the "Genius Stone.". Fluorite grounds excessive energy and is a good healer for the spleen, bones, teeth and inflammations

FOSSIL STONE - Fossil stone is a grounding stone offering stability and balance and increasing physical stamina. This gem is also calming and soothing, promotes contentment within our lives and relieves stress and anxieties.
Fossil stone is reputed to assist us within business and allows us to manifest innovative ideas, accomplish our goals and aid in business communications.
Use Fossils stone healing to help with :- Skeletal system, Bone ailments, Hand and Feet problems, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Stress, Business Communications, Concentration and Stamina

GARNET- Garnet is a purifying and regenerating crystal. Healer of the mind and emotions and it increases bodily strength. It is a protector of toxins and guardian against infections.
A warming crystal, Garnet is therapeutic for joint discomforts and is a crystal of passion, love and compassion and is perfect for relationships, new or old
Used by travelers as an amulet, particularly for night travel

GOLDSTONE - Gold, Blue & Green
crystal connected to Archangel Gabriel and one that brings wisdom, Good Luck, Prosperity and Protection.  Goldstone strengthens the circulatory system and bones along with easing the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.  It is a calming stone and helpful with stomach problems

HEMATITE - Hematite is the stone that is said to increase courage promoting Balance, Focus and Concentration of energy. It is a good strengthener for the heart and reducing a rapid pulse along with aiding Spinal Alignment. Hematite is also reputed to be helpful with Boosting the Immune, Muscular and Nervous systems.
Helpful with conditions such as :- Blood disorders, Anaemia, Blood cleansing, Kidney problems, Fractures, air travel stress, Insomnia, Astral projection, Muscle soreness, leg cramps and toxin release.

HOWLITE - Howlite is a soothing mineral as it cleanses the mind and emotions of negative energy and helps with communication skills and Creativity. It deepens sleep and helps one gain spiritual wisdom within Dreamtime. Use for conditions such as: Controlling Anger, Bones, Improving memory, Patience, Psychic development, Anxiety and Stress, sleep, Bones and teeth, Muscle tension, Cramps and blood circulation

JADE - Jade regulates heartbeat and increases vitality; it encourages harmony and puts things into perspective. It inspires wisdom, prolongs life and is protective as well as aiding Dream work and encouraging prosperity.
Jade is also used as an Amulet to ensure safe travel and to protect against negative energy.
It is a cleansing stone and excellent for problems with the kidneys, Rheumatism, PMS, Arthritis, Eye problems, Colic, Bladder, Kidneys, Urinary system, Lack of stamina, Diabetes and High blood pressure. It is also very useful in Childbirth.

JASPER - Jasper is a wonderfully supporting crystal that will bring to you what you need, rather than what you want. It promotes strong character and balance and is also a protective mineral for physical and spiritual travel.
It heals the gall bladder, stomach and kidney disorders, Biliousness, Blood and Digestion and to comfort nerves. It is also good for the eyes, glands and focus.
An excellent stone to improve and refine the character, opening new horizons in the arts, relationships, family togetherness etc.
A soothing stone which is excellent as a long-term help for all areas of general health especially Depression, energy, emotions and intellect. It works slowly and should be kept as a constant companion. Works well with all other stones.

JET - Jet (Black Amber) is used as a protection stone and to ward off negativity and psychic attacks.
It is reputed to also be an aid for healing grief and depression and is considered a sympathy gemstone
Use Jet healing to help with Depression, Migraines, Epilepsy, Colds, problems with the lymphatic system, cleansing the liver and kidneys, Stress and dealing with grief

LABRADORITE - Labradorite calms the emotions and sharpens the mind amplifying insight and vision. It is a balancing mineral that builds self-esteem and increases intuition. Excellent for Psychic development and Dream Recall.
Labradorite is beneficial for Menopause, PMT and menstrual problems, reducing fear, nightmares and bad dreams, instilling strength, Digestive problems, Stress, Anxiety and Brain conditions

LAPIS LAZULI - Spiritual awakening; mental clarity, Intuition, meditation, protects against depression; aids self-expression; enhances artistic endeavours; encourages expansiveness; boosts immune system.
Use Lapis Lazuli Healing with conditions such as: Dizziness, Anxiety, Arthritis, Insomnia, Bone marrow, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Hearing loss, Herpes, Neuralgia, Vertigo, Vomiting, Autism, Nervous and Respiratory systems and Hair problems

LAVA STONE - Lava stone is molten lava that has formed into rock and is a naturally rough stone with many bubbles and light weight compared to other gemstones. It is a very powerful energy crystal and throughout history has been used as an amulet of protection when engaging into battle.
Lava stone is a grounding stone that helps us connect to the energies of Mother Earth and the element of Fire. It can help to dissipate anger and absorbs negative energy. This crystal is also believe to draw toxins from the body
Use Lava stone to help with mental stress and indecision, protection, confidence, improving circulation and joint problems

MALACHITE - It is used as a traveler's guardian stone and expands ones ability to love. Malachite contains copper and is helpful in the treatment of rheumatism and to regulate menstruation
Use for healing; growth, joints, Pancreas,  negativity and Tumours.

MEXICAN FIRE OPAL - This crystal is Energizing and Strength giving and useful during times of stress. Fire Opal in a Grounding crystal and promotes clarity. It is perfect to use during Meditation and Aura Cleansing.
Benefits; Problems with lower back and intestines, Neuro disorders, Eye disease, Stimulates white corpuscles, Stomach ailments, Mood Swings, Abdomen and Kidney problems, Helps absorb nutrients, Adrenal glands, Grief, Eases Fears, Pituitary and Thymus problems.

MOOKITE - Mookite, also known as Australian Red Jasper is a sociable crystal encouraging new perceptions and communication skills.  It is a grounding crystal that helps boost self-esteem, promoting laughter, play and enhancing creativity.  Good for dreams and meditations and helping to alleviate negative situations.  An excellent stone for Mothers and professionals who work with children or those who wish to communicate with animals.
Indigenous Australians use Mookite as a stone of regeneration and healing and it is strongly linked to the Dreamtime.
Use Mookite healing for conditions such as: Thyroid gland, Fear, Depression, Acrophobia, decision-making, Loneliness, Eating disorders, Stomach, Hernias and Water Retention.

MOONSTONE - Moonstone calms emotions; balances over sensitivity; opens up one's feminine side; heightens intuition and receptivity; aids awareness of subconscious feeling; assists hormonal equilibrium during menstrual cycle.
Moonstone is also a protective Travelers Stone.
Use to increase Psychic knowledge and insight and in meditation. This is definitely a Crystal for the Female population and can help with Fertility, Menopause, Menstrual cramps, Morning sickness, PMS, the Reproductive system as well as Childbirth

MOTHER OF PEARL - Mother of Pearl is the gemstone of Protection also known as "Mothers Love". It balances the emotions and is extremely useful for conditions relating to the skin, Arthritis and Rheumatism, Fractures, Haemorrhoids, colic, Intestines, Knees, Nails, Nervousness, Stomach and Teeth.

MUSCOVITE - Muscovite is the gemstone of angelic contact bringing an awareness of the higher self. It is useful in assisting Astral Travel, Spirit Guide communications and Scrying.
Muscovite is the stone of self confidence and eases insecurities and helps with problem solving.
Use Muscovite healing to help with:- Allergies, Insomnia, Diabetes, Speech, Muscle weakness, problems with the Pancreas and Kidneys

OBSIDIAN - Obsidian is known as the stone of Truth and is a mineral of Sincerity and Honesty and can offer protection from negative energy.
It is a grounding stone but also acts as a mirror allowing us to see and deal with our own flaws and negativity.
Use obsidian healing to help with Reproductive issues, addictions, problems with the Spine, removing Emotional blockages, Grief and Transformation

ONYX - Onyx is reputed to improve concentration and devotion and is helpful in changing bad habits. It is a protecting mineral and shields against negative energy, perfect to use for grounding and centering oneself.   It brings harmony, courage, strength, and spiritual wisdom and is ideal to use in meditations and past-life regressions.    Use Onyx healing for conditions such as: hearing problems, wounds, infection, childbirth, increasing stamina, heart trouble, Ulcers, Stress, Sinus, Pain, Obsessions, Obesity and Bone marrow

PAUA SHELL - Paua shell aids creativity and helps to dispel depression and tension.
It is an excellent gemstone for healing conditions with the spinal cord or problems with the bones.  It is also helpful for ear canal disorders and hearing loss.

PEACOCK ORE - Peacock Ore is a stone for happiness and joy, it brings the ability to be grateful for all we have. It teaches us to utilise our knowledge wisely and helps us to develop on our spiritual path.
It will regulate the flow of adrenaline making it useful for panic and stress.
It aids circulation, ulcers and gout. It can reduce fever and swelling and help with feelings of grief and loss.
It is great for boosting your confidence and self esteem.

PERIDOT - Peridot is a general carer for the whole body balancing endocrines and metabolism.   It is a good anti toxin gemstone cleaning most organs and glands.
It assists with tissue regeneration, reduces anxiety, Pancreas, stress and builds ones self-confidence

PETRIFIED WOOD - Petrified Wood is a calming stone and perfect for alleviating fears and making one feel safe and secure.   It is emotionally, physically and spiritually stabilizing and useful to use with past life regression and working through past life issues. It is a stone to assist in reaching goals and getting rid of unwanted or difficult barriers bringing with it wisdom, strength and calmness. Also the stone of survival and connects us with the Earth Mother as well as aiding recovery.
Use Petrified wood for conditions such as;  Restoring physical energy, Back and Hip problems, Bones and Teeth, Sinew, Skin and Hair, Obesity, Nerves and stimulating the Metabolism

PHANTOM QUARTZ- Phantom Quartz is the crystal of Universal love, Spiritual awareness and Healing.  It is grounding, energising and a clearer of negative energy, aiding intuition and opening up Clairaudience abilities. This mineral helps us to link to the spirit realm to gain ancient knowledge, past life recall and Spirit guide connection.  Phantom Quartz is the crystal of the Eco Friendly and Angelic Realms.
Use Phantom Quartz healing for Emotional Healing, Hearing disorders, Depression and Stress.

PYRITE (Fools Gold) - Pyrite was used by the ancient Inca's as a meditation stone and is reputed to help with communication allowing one to speak openly and honestly. It is a mineral of protection both physically and emotionally and good to use within business as it allows creative energies to flow and clarity of thought.
Use Pyrite healing to help with Protection and to disperse negative energy, increase concentration, bone, lung and cell disease, colds & flu, increase ones personal energy, boosting immune system and asthma
Do not place Pyrite directly onto the skin because of the iron sulphate compounds which can cause irritation

RHODOCHROSITE - Rhodochrosite is the stone of love and balance bringing friendship and dispelling insecurities.  A gemstone of comfort and support that restores self-belief and attracts new love; enhances trust and loyalty between partners and protects against worries.
Use Rhodochrosite healing for conditions such as problems with the nervous system and thyroid and to strengthen the immune system.

RHODONITE - Rhodonite is the stone of peace, grace and elegance.   It is reputed to decrease stress and anxiety and helpful in resolving conflicts.  It is the crystal of love, soothing the heart and beneficial emotional upsets and grief
Use Rhodonite healing for conditions such as: Speech and Hearing problems, joint inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism, emphysema, nightmares, strep throat and heart disorders

RHYOLITE - Rhyolite is a physical and emotional stabilizer that helps strengthen both body and mind when there are major decisions or changes to be made. It is the Mineral of Hard work and can help towards reaching your goals and structuring your life.
Used in Meditation it can increase Insight and Creativity.
Use Rhyolite Healing for conditions such as: Veins, Chills, rashes and skin disorders, muscle tone and to increase stamina

ROSE QUARTZ - This Mineral represents unconditional love and peace. An excellent crystal for children as it offers emotional support. It is positive comforting, responsive and heightens self-esteem.
Use Rose Quartz healing for conditions such as: releasing excess fluids and impurities from the body, easing fear, anger and resentment. Bruises, Blisters, Depression, Menopause, Fibromyalgia, Anorexia and other eating disorders, Angina, Asthma, Eyesight, Migraine and Sciatica.

RUBY FUCHSITE - Ruby Fuchsite is the crystal of the Heart Chakra promoting romance and passion. A wonderful mineral to use during Healing Sessions or to bring Emotional balance.   It is a Stress relieving mineral, positive and comforting and if used during Meditation can help tap into Ancient Wisdom and knowledge.
Use Ruby Fuchsite healing for conditions such as: Blood Circulatory Disorders, Spleen, Adrenal Glands and Problems with the Spine.

SARDONYX - Sardonyx is a mixture of Carnelian and Onyx and is a gemstone that encourages stability and confidence.   It is an uplifting stone reputed to ease depression and draw happiness into the home, family and relationships.
Sardonyx is the gemstone that attracts Friendship, Luck, Good Fortune and Protection
Use Sardonyx healing to help with infection, Hearing Problems, Stomach and Back pain and to rid of nightmares

SERPENTINE - Serpentine is a soothing, protecting crystal that brings happiness and success. It aids Meditation, Enlightenment and restores self-confidence as well as promoting acceptance, friendliness and independence. It is a wonderful crystal for women as it balances the hormones and assists with nursing mothers.
Use Serpentine healing for conditions effecting the Stomach, kidney, Swelling, Pain, Cramps, PMT, Asthma, and Hepatitis.  It can also help to dispel fears and can be placed directly on the skin and is useful in the treatment of insect bites

SEA OPAL - Sea Opal deflects negative energy and calms the nerves.  It reduces stress and balances physical energy.  Reputed to aid creativity and strengthen the heart chakra

SELENITE - Selenite is a gemstone of the Angels and is used for angelic communication as it helps raise your vibrations to align with those of the Celestial realms and increases sensitivity.
It has for thousands of years been associated with Shamans, Healers and Wise women and was used by the high Priest and Priestesses in Atlantis and Lemuria.
Use Selenite healing to aid - Angelic and Spirit Guide communications, bring balance and clarity of the mind, Past Life regression, Psychic Development and Meditation
Selenite is a water soluble gemstone so must not be cleansed with water

SMOKY QUARTZ - Smoky Quartz is a grounding crystal and can be used to combat addictions such as smoking. Use Smoky Quartz healing with conditions such as; Computer stress, Constipation, Depression, Tumours, Diarrhoea, Grief, Hysteria, Insomnia, Pain, Pancreas, Surgical recovery and Cancer.

SNOW QUARTZ - Snow Quartz is beneficial when mediating, allowing you to tap into inner wisdom and increase psychic abilities. It is considered the crystal of peace and harmony, Good fortune and clarity of the mind, increasing concentration levels
Use Snow Quartz healing to help with Mental Stress, Problems with the skin and scalp and boosting the Immune system

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN - Calcium deficiency, Problems with the Bones, Teeth and Spine, Eye problems, Hysteria, Arthritis, Fractures, Hair and Nail problems. 

SOAPSTONE - Soapstone is reputed to open the pathways between the physical and the spiritual planes and amplify sending and receiving messages. It is a positive and calming stone that brings feelings of gratitude and can help with adjusting to changes.  It can help us find our direction in life and inspiration.
Use Soapstone healing for Skin problems, Liver, Gall Bladder, Fat Digestion, Eye Complaints and adjustment to changes within our environment

SODALITE - Sodalite protects from external negative energies and is used to combat the damage from EMF emissions when hung near computer and TV screens.
It is a gemstone for Meditation and aids problems associated with Blood pressure and sleep  Sodalite is particularly suited to those in the teaching profession as it gives confidence to the shy or introverted and allows free expression with others.

SUNSTONE - Sunstone is the Crystal of Leadership and brings good luck and abundances as well as turning negative energy into positive energy.
It dispels fears and phobias and is useful for helping one to contact spirit animals and guides. 
Sunstone is perfect to use in Meditations and as a tool for Dream recall.
Use Sunstone healing for: Increasing Courage, Fear, Heat Stroke, Shock, Stomach Problems, Ulcers, Depression, Fatigue and Rejuvenating the Spirit.

TAGUA NUT - Tagua (Tah-gwah), also known as vegetable Ivory is a seed from a tree similar to Palm
Tagua was said to be the sacred tree of the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs who used the nuts for Spiritual and Emotional health and wellbeing
Tagua is reputed to help with healing problems connected to the bones and bone marrow and for boosting the immune system

TIGERS EYE - Gold & Blue
Aids concentration; focuses energy to meet challenges; grounding; symbol of inner strength; encourages optimism; assertiveness, courage, balances yin-yang energy; enhances creativity and brings about Harmony and wisdom.
Use Tiger's Eye Healing with conditions such as: Fear, Eye problems, Ulcers, Anxiety, Bowels and Gallbladder, Digestion, Pancreas, Spine, Respiratory system, Asthma, Hay fever, Hypochondria and Fractures

TURQUOISE - Turquoise brings clarity of communication and encourages affinity with others that can lead to greater self-awareness and "true purpose". It increases Serenity, Protection, Meditation energy and Balance. It enhances the physical and psychic immune systems and regenerates tissue. Ideal for healing conditions such as: Cataracts, Rheumatism, Gout,  Stomach, Coughs, Headaches, Irritability, Measles, Cramps, Pain, PMS, Throat problems and to help in Relaxation.

UNAKITE - Unakite is a good grounding crystal providing confidence to the heart so growth can take place.  It helps clear away past issues that prevent us from progressing and gives balance, promoting self-awareness. It is the gemstone of unconditional love and partnerships. Helping us connect with humanity bringing balance and stability in the physical and mental. Unakite is excellent for those suffering from low weight and reproductive disorders and is the perfect crystal to promote health in pregnancy
Use Unakite healing for problems with the heart, circulatory system, muscles, back, feet and enhancing the effects of other Crystal & Gemstone
. Perfect for meditations and can assist in helping find one's animal guides
Unakite is also a good crystal for those born under the sign of Libra

WATERMELON TOURMALINE - Watermelon Tourmaline enhances emotional and spiritual love bringing Happiness, Wisdom and balance into ones daily life. Tourmaline helps to release emotional blockages from past issues and is a positive transformational and healing mineral giving strength, tolerance and understanding in relationships.
A wonderful crystal for all round cleansing and balancing and is helpful for conditions such as: Nervous system, Obsessions, Constipation, Neuralgia, Migraine, Headaches, Asthma and Arthritis.

YELLOW OPAL - Opal is the Gemstone of Communications including ESP, Psychic and Spiritual. Use during Meditations to increase the link between the seen and unseen worlds for Guide and Angel communications and aiding Dreamtime journeys.   It is the crystal of Imagination and enhances creativity along with boosting the memory. Opal promotes Self-love easing problems with addictions and controlling problems with weight.
Use Opal Healing for problems with the Lungs, Heart and Spleen, Water Retention,  Eyesight, Parkinson's Disease, Eating Disorders and to rid of Nightmares promoting Peaceful Sleep and Happy Dreams.


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