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Your purchase is for 2 x A5 prints
(as pictured) of your personal Spirit Guide

(1 Full length + 1 Head & Shoulders)


Please see bottom of page my directional references


To order your portrait please makes your purchase via the 'Add to Cart' button and I will email you within 24 hours.

Depending on the connection Graphic Art Portraits can take anywhere up to 30 hours actual drawing time to complete but this will also depend on how busy I am with other work, so please be patient.

Portraits that are required to be posted are sent on high grade photo card.

A recent photograph would be helpful but I can normally connect without one. I will contact you when your order is received and arrangements can be made to email a recent photo
If you have any questions about your order or general enquiries please use the contact page and I will respond as soon as possible


Every living creature has them
We incarnate into this life with a plethora of helpers from Major and Minor guides, Angels, Nature Spirits and family members from past and present along with our past life energies

Normally the guide/helper that steps into the light is the one that holds the most importance for what is happening within your life right now.
This may not be your major guide but a minor or family member that is with us during lifestyle changes or events such as trauma or illness.

Most of the time I can connect with one of your guides but sometimes this is not possible and depends on whether knowing will affect how you live your life, or if knowing is relevant to your path. I am never in charge and have to follow the rules of spirit and the individual guides/helpers

Sometimes I only see a quick glimpse, other times I am allowed to see them very clearly, and on occasion I can not connect at all but will receive information In the event of not being able to connect to see a clear enough image, a full refund will be given but any information I receive will be passed on free of charge

When connecting with your energy and your guides I like to simplify the procedure and attach the energy to a direction of your Soul Council. This allows me to understand their purpose.


UK Customers ONLY

Orders for Customers within the United Kingdom

Please select whether you want your order Emailed or Posted


Posted Portraits include Free shipping for UK customers


Emailed Order


Posted Order


International Customers

Orders for Customers outside of the United Kingdom

Please select whether you want your order Emailed or Posted


Posted Portraits will be charged extra for shipping costs


Emailed Order


Posted Order


Spirit Guides (Soul Council) and their Directions

Each Psychic Artist, Spiritual Communicator/medium has their own way of working, a way that suits their own personal belief system. My way is to place guides in a particular direction, one which suits their message and energy, a personal Soul Council. By doing this I find it easier to explain why a guide has stepped forward.

Along with our human form guides we come into this life with an array of Power/totem animals, Angels, Elemental/Nature Spirits and family members/friends from present and past lives  

Master Guides
Master Guides are at the centre of your Soul / Medicine wheel and are with you from birth until your time on earth is complete. Their job is to manage and coordinate your team of Directional Spirit Guides, Spirit/Power Animals, Angels and Helpers from past, present and future. Master Guides guard your Blueprint of Life (Soul Records) and make sure your soul is in the right place at the right time to experience and complete lessons to achieve spiritual enlightenment and soul advancement
Initiation/Seed Planters
These are the guides that come to us at the beginning of our spiritual journey and stay with us only a short time. They are not bound to one direction but plant seeds in all to allow us to open our spirit to learning and gaining knowledge and wisdom
Gate Keepers
These are our personal bodyguards that protect us along our journey. I usually place Gatekeepers with the guides of the South
Guides of the North
Guides that offer Grounding, Balancing Spirit and Soul, Ancestral Knowledge and Wisdom and are connected with Ritual, Ceremony and Practical Wisdom
Guides of the South
Guides of Protection, Strength, Self Power, Trust, Faith and Purification
Guides of the East
Guides that help us attain a Spiritual connection bringing Spiritual wisdom, Transformation, Enlightenment and Harmony. They are the guides symbolising Rebirth and Creation
Guides of the West
Healing Guides connected with Healing, Vision, Soul Reflection, Balancing emotions, Intuition, Adaptation, Introspection and Emotional change
Universal Guides
Universal guides are not personal to us, they belong to all and work with all when needed. They are pure energy that can work with many at the same time much like Archangels
Astral Guides
These are guides that are with us when we journey into the astral realm during Dreamtime and Meditation, be it conscious meditation or journeying during our dream state


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